28 December 2011

Not posting

Lately I have not had the time to go online.
That is why I have not posted for a while,
Thanks for understanding.

16 December 2011

Holiday Party has arrived!

Hi Guys!!
The Club Penguin Holiday Party/Coins For Change is here!
Here is a tour.

And last of all!!!!

I will post more soon!

7 December 2011

Club Penguin Times Issue//Coins for Change construction!

Hello again :D
Club Penguin released a new issue!
Here it is:

*December 15-Better Igloo Catalog
*December 15-Rockhopper arrives!!!
*December 15-Holiday party on!!!!

        --------- Coins for Change construction-------------

This year has gone too quick,Christmas party coming very soon!

5 December 2011

Rockhopper Spotted in Telescope!

Rockhopper has been spotted in the telescope!
Wonder when he arrives?

3 December 2011

Club Penguin Times -#319th.

New Newspaper!

   *Upcoming events

*December 8th-Snow and Sports Catalog!
December 15th! -Coins for change!

New Penguin Style catalog! -December

Hi guys!
On Friday Club Penguin released a new catalog!

Sorry for not posting some cheats in it.
This year has gone so quick!